Content is the King! Long live the King.


Content is critical to your business. It’s the voice of your brand, it educates your prospects, and it fuels new sales and customer loyalty. Unfortunately, most organizations don’t understand the fundamental connection between the quality of their content and the impact it has on their business. As a result, they often squander thousands (and in some cases millions) of dollars creating and distributing mediocre content and are surprised when it doesn’t deliver the desired outcomes. The purpose of this report is to provide hard data to help managers demonstrate how better content drives better business results. We are not talking about incremental improvements, but rather exponential gains in the core metrics that matter most to today’s companies. We will do so using the findings we obtained earlier this year after surveying hundreds of professionals around the country. As you will see, the data we gathered supports one very clear finding: better content yields better business performance. Understanding the importance of content quality is critical because it’s the key to optimizing your content marketing program. Any organization that fails to appreciate how content quality can impact business results will be at a distinct disadvantage.


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